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Med Pro Advisory,LLC

A Management & Healthcare Discount Program

Management & Advisory Services


Welcome to Med Pro Advisory management services. Becoming a member allows you the option of requesting assistance with In-Network protocol inclusive of Physicians, Clinics, Laboratories or Facilities. Med Pro also suggests using their representatives to systematically review itemized claim filing, Explanation of Benefits “EOB,” Current Procedural Terminology “CPT,” coding from each medical provider and or facilities.


Since 1991, Med Pro has taken pride in helping members find healthcare providers, benefits, questions, billing errors, patient responsibility, as well as help with any other health insurance concerns. The facts remain that many providers and health care facilities change network contracts without adequate notice, charging fees from multiple variations within the industry; inclusive of HMO, PPO, POS, Self-Pay, Medicare or Reasonable / Customary fees and Fee for Service which compounds issues of network reimbursement.


For information concerning your advisory program or how we may better serve you, please contact your local sales representative or our Customer Service Department.


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